Engineering the future at IIT Industry Day 2018

Engineering the future at IIT Industry Day 2018

The budding entrepreneurs and think tanks of IIT Delhi showcased their long-standing association with the industry in producing some path-breaking products and concepts across multiple businesses and sectors. On Saturday, 22nd September, IIT Delhi celebrated its second industry day with over 1000 visitors, 350 industry experts collaborating with the academia at IIT to produce cutting-edge work and research capabilities.

Industry Day 2018 focused on five themes - Healthcare for All, Smart Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technologies, Sustainable Habitat and Strengthening the Start-up Eco-system. A host of innovative solutions were on display, such as pesticide-based treatment for snake bites, advancement of recombinant DNA technology, Ultra Precision Machining for Strategic Manufacturing Capability, Air Pollution Monitoring from Space and Phase Change Material (PCM) incorporated bricks for composite climate.

Ideating and inspiring - All In A Day

The major attributes of the Industry Day entailed talks by key-note speakers who explored avenues of possible fusion pertaining to research and consultancy, as well as panel discussions to find plausible solutions to bridge corporate expectation with academic training. Major industry technology experts such as Abhay Kumar Vaish, Sr. VP and CTO, Ericsson; K. Ananth Krishnan, EVP & Chief Technology Officer, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS); Narendra Chirmule, Senior Vice President, Biocon Limited; Sriram Raghavan, Senior Vice President and CTO, IBM India; Sanjeev Arora, EVP, JCB; and Kaushik Saha, CEO, Samsung were part of the CTO panel.

Speaking at the second edition of Industry Day, Prof. Ramgopal Rao, Director, IIT Delhi said, ''Industry Day presents an ideal way to identify meaningful collaborations that will both enhance industry and research needs. This year's event has been a stimulating one for the attendees and we are happy that we will be moving towards bringing exciting new developments to market."

Technology is nothing if its not transforming

At DNL, we bring you some glimpses from the various projects and products on display that promise a better, economic and controlled future in sectors such as environment, education and health. Some of these technologies are already available in the market and others are being clinically tested for viability but each will have you marvel at the practicality of the science, skills and design.

One such product was an attractive and durable building block that has been created and tested for strength by heat treatment of degradable and non-degradable plastics that are constantly a cause of concern for most environmentalists and governments. Mr. Sachin Deshmukh of Deshmukh research industry displayed the building blocks and the Waste Plastic Product Machine (WPPM) available in its many avatars (manual, automatic and semi-automatic) that can easily cater to the plastic woes of a sector, state, industry, housing society or household.

Another inconspicuous product but visible for its pink colour and unique but simple origami design was innovated to prevent several infectious diseases that spread from usage of public sanitation facilities. This invention produced from biodegradable and lightweight paper can be as easily vended as paper napkins and carried in one's clutch or handbag with equal ease. The Sanfe team has already collaborated with AIIMS to promote the product and continues to reach out to niche consumers before reaching out to the masses.

Leh-Ladakh can, henceforth, only be remembered for its scenic beauty and exotic miles and not for the back breaking trips that several travelers suffer from every year. This particular product is not just for the long distance travelers but also for the city dwellers who face traffic snarls and potholed roads daily and whilst most four-wheeler drivers can use a comfortable backrest, it is not a privilege available to the daily biker. Spine-A-Crust developed by MedicFibers is a rather ingenious design that can be strapped onto the body and the embedded acupressure leads heal the lower back as you journey towards your destination.

A lot of massaging equipment is today available in the market but what differentiates them from the one on display at IIT was its affordability. The IIT Delhi students' startup eTex have developed Fabric Based Massager which prevents blood circulation related diseases in legs. It is actually priced at one-tenth the products available at your local or online pharmacy.

The unique selling proposition of this device is that it is created from a lightweight fabric, it is portable and noiseless, and the monitoring system is mobile based like any other app that you can download. This device is capable to prevent all blood circulation related disorders, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), leg swelling and related pain, cramps, venous ulcers and varicose veins. Its portability allows it to be strapped on while you are running, walking or travelling.

While these were just some of the many ingenious technologies at display the industrial day had just the right focus on human health, hygiene, environment conservation, restoring architectural heritage, surveillance systems, nanotechnology, solar energy conversion, energy conservation, mental health programmes, aids for the visually impaired, women empowerment in remote areas and rural reforms, non-wood papermaking etc. to name a few. The reinforced focus was to make technology affordable and available to the masses and as such will have everyone asking for more and waiting for the offerings next year if not sooner.

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