"THE GIRL" is meant to fly

THE GIRL is meant to fly

We are here to make that ushering aloud

In times where we talk about women empowerment out in the open, times where feminism is misinterpreted on all possible levels, when women are being questioned for being liberal. It's high time we get everything in line. It is in times like these we look up to the future, and we've got a ray of hope right here, with its unique approach, it is here to make a mark. Writers across the nation have come together and contributed their bit in this noble initiative.

The book is a compilation of daily struggles faced by the woman kind, the one which go unnoticed, it highlights and brings forth instances that will just change the way we view things.

It all started way back in June 2017, the idea came from three college buddies, who took off with a team of 30 budding writers and published an e-book. Today they have a budding team that works towards making education reach girls.

The plan is to provide not just education but take the cause ahead, bring out an eco-friendly version soon and have a book borrowing system to make reading an easily accessible task.

"The Girl" brings out the struggles of a girl, and society's attitude and mindset on her life. This in no way means that only the viewable aspects of a women's life have been touched. From foeticide to rape to lack of education they have it all. This book brings out stories that will trigger you and lead your mind to think what are we and where will we be heading towards being so gendered. It's a book that brings to surface the deeper issues like lack of confidence, lack of support or lack of initiative to build one's passion and dream. It is here to question society's mindset towards women.

Q1. Your approach is not the usual one, is it intentional?

So my book was an idea that shaped within moments. We have tried to give our readers every reason to read page after page and question their own selves and mindset. We wanted our readers to get deeply engrossed in the whole process. So we can say it was more of sudden than intentional.

Q2. What inspired to take up this initiative?

This initiative to be honest was inspired by my own life. It was inspired by all the phases I have been through and my inclination towards women issues. But teaching an underprivileged girl for free made me look at more reasons to take up this cause. It was then, that I took up a PG diploma in women empowerment. I believe education is one of the most beautiful gift one can ever give someone.

Q3. The layout and elements are pretty unique, how did you think of it?

The layout and elements are a brainchild of so many artists. I personally always wanted this to be something unique, something no one ever has been a witness to. This took me a lot of sleepless nights and brainstorming. It is a sheer outcome of creativity.

Q4. With so much hype about feminism, how do you stand out?

Feminism, feminazi and gender equality have a very minute difference. I believe that feminism is a 'fancy tag' been used by woman who are actually feminazi, blaming men for any problem in their lives. I am a believer of gender equality, to me making the society equitable is the need of hour.

Q6. What all struggles did you have to face in this journey?

This journey was never an easy one, since the idea came to life, it was a rollercoaster ride. Having a support system in the name of a team and finance was a major drawback. There were times when I faced major disrespect from my own team and had times when people believed in the idea but could not see me grow. Well, as it is widely said, "Every good thing takes time and struggle."

Q7. Any advice to the budding writers?

My very first advice to budding writers out there would be to never settle for the very first idea that comes to your mind. Pen it down and build it. The key to a good writing is writing in as many ways as possible to reach to the best. Strive each day to be a better you and never forget the passion within you. Being an artist is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to your life.

Q8. India has recently been adjudged as the most unsafe country in the world, what do you think about this?

I would say this is one of the most shameful of a tag received by us. All we need is a change in our mindset, to enable women to fight for themselves but more so that men start respecting women and their equal participation in society.

Q9. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

It's hard to say anything now. Well, I dream and aim to be a woman serving my community. I look at myself as an entrepreneur t aking this noble cause ahead through my passion for writing. And of course empowering more women to dream and build for themselves.

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