Persecuted by society, Indian lesbian couple commit suicide after killing 3-year-old daughter

Pic for representational purpose only.Pic for representational purpose only.

In India's western state of Gujarat a double suicide rocked the nation as a lesbian couple drowned themselves in the Sabarmati river, after throwing in one of their three-year-old child. The women blamed persecution by society as reason behind this horrific act.

The deceased have been identified as Asha Thakor (30), Bhavna Thakor (28) and Megha (3). Both women were employed by the same company in Rajoda village of Ahmedabad district.

The police told media agencies that the women had written a suicide note, etched along the riverfront's concrete walkway near Ellisbridge - the spot from where the jumped into Sabarmati. In the note, they apparently claimed that they had 'distanced themselves from the world so they could unite, but the world did not let them live'.

The official also said that the suicide was a result of complications arising out of their lesbian relationship. One of the partners was mariied to a man with whom she had had Megha, her daughter. The duo first threw the kid into the river, before tying themselves together with a dupatta and commiting suicide.

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