Blatant and illegal trade of narcotics in the National Capital

Blatant and illegal trade of narcotics in the National CapitalThis is a representative image

Meet Ramesh (name changed) a tobacco and pan masala seller in Vasant Kunj, Kishan Garh Village of Delhi. He is no ordinary person, he sells narcotics on Delhi streets openly. He does not hide the drugs under any table, but sells it in broad daylight kept in a bag along one of the main arterial roads, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, Vasant Kunj, an address for many of the elites in Delhi. This illegal drug store is right next to the "Adhikar fast food corner".
Delhi drug hub
Another such place is E block, Tagore garden X and TC camp in Subhash Nagar. It is 1100 m from the famous Pacific mall in the region. When we enter the area through "Maya Devi Katyal Marg", the slum area begins. This slum is the hub and haven for the illegal trade of 'Ganja' and 'Hash'. Any rickshaw-puller or auto driver in the vicinity can take you to this place if you just ask for Ganja. The sellers are so fearless that they shout out to passers-by asking if they would buy Ganja through their gestures or words like "Haan bhai, chahiye kya?( O brother, Do you want (Ganja)?)."

In a narrow alley, opposite Sai Baba Mandir in the area, this reporter of Democracy News Live was offered Ganja by a seller. In his small room, he was selling different qualities of cannabis that ranged from 200-500 rupees per packet containing 8-10gm. He said that he bought his supply of cannabis from Andhra Pradesh in quintals. On asking about the fear of Police, he haughtily said, " Hum khud hi police hain. Police rahti hai aas pass lekin kuch nahi karti (I am police myself. Police are there but they don't do anything)."
Other drug havens in Delhi
After talking to several drug users, the reporter came to know that such practices are rampant at places like Govind puri, Majnu ka Tila, Paharganj, Noida Sector 63, Noida Sector 3,Munirka, etc. Some users revealed that home delivery is also available but refused to divulge the contact number.
This is only the tip of the iceberg. A famous online social forum, Quora has a page called 'Score weed in Delhi' detailing several places in Delhi from where one can score Ganja.
The Law
According to the Narcotic Drugs and Psycotic Substances Act 1985(NDPS), the "cultivation/production/manufacture, possession, sale, purchase..." are prohibited but in Delhi there is scant regards to the law and selling of cannabis is a regular business.
Who is responsible?
Now, the question arises that when such a crime is so pervasive then what is Delhi Police doing? Is an illegal business at this magnitude possible without the connivance of the Police? The answer lies in the womb of uncertainty but the Police have a lot to answer as to why is it not cracking down on th violators of the law. Will the laws of statute book remain in the cold storage?

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