How football changed a drug addict's life!

How football changed a drug addicts life!


Education : 6th pass. Father : Peon in local hospital. Mother: Housewife. Occupation : Theft, robbery, gambling, drugs. Extra info - 45 case registered and in most wanted list of the city.
A respectable coach, who impressed Manchester United's chief coach with his football skills and now has dedicated his life in bringing others like him from the pit called Hell.
Meet, Akhilesh Paul whose story would send chill down your spine as he looted food from beggars, did all drugs and was chased by police but still came out of it
Thanks to football and a man called Vijay Barse, who tempted him into playing football by giving him 5 rupees everyday till the time he got addicted to football and wanted to play whether he was being paid for it or not.
Love for football took him to Brazil but not before his past caught him as he was denied passport and visa but he fought through the odds to get it and represented his country in homeless football game in Brazil.
I have found my calling in life. My life is about not letting more Akhilesh created from slums and if they are there then convert them through football. God give me strength to do it till the time I am alive and then I will die a satisfied man.
Credits : This article has been contributed by Ashish Ambasta,

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