From a juice seller to an entrepreneur!

From a juice seller to an entrepreneur!

He came from a non descript village to Mumbai to earn some money and survive. First job was a helping hand in a small eatery near BabulNath temple in south Mumbai at the monthly salary of Rs. 4/-. He left the job to become a waiter at port trust canteen at the salary of 6/- per month. There was Hunger to study and do well so entire day this boy will work hard and in the night he will go to night school.

While he couldn't complete SSC but he learnt enough to read books and that too voraciously. He read more than 1000 books.
Later one of the relatives called him to be a helper in the fruit juice stall at lamington road and it is the place where he learnt the nuances of entrepreneurship.
It all culminated in starting with one table and a juice making machine to deliver fruit juice to customers with a small name displayed, Sukh Sagar (ocean of happiness).
Today, Sukh Sagar, resturant has more than 20 outlets across India and serve several hindered people in its own style.
Meet Suresh pujari, who not only showed us that Entrepreneurs aren't dependent on the background or education you have but also proved once again that if you have the will & determination, you will achieve anything in life.
Credits : This article has been contributed by Ashish Ambasta.

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