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Participatory not partisan

Democracy News Live stands to bring information and data that help us understand the core values of our world and our ability to be an equal part of it. The challenge is that a few people represent or control the economy. They have power and deliver only a sliver to the population while consuming resources for themselves and their families. Democracy News Live helps in understanding the impact this unequally skewed system has on our lives.

We also look at conflict, as a tool for helping the unjust distribution of resources and creating the fear among people to not stand up against the present dispensation. They are not able to voice their misery. It is only when you reach peace that one begins looking for financial long term security and equitable distribution. If society is going to stay in constant conflict, the attention of people is going to be towards finding that first, before they train their attention towards other matters.

We as a global community have a huge responsibility of delivering the basics to every human first i.e. food, water, education, safety and health. We work on these issues using journalism as an instrument to create awareness and influence policy makers. When these basics do not reach the needy we put forth the accused.

We stand on the principle that democracy is a shared value which treasures advice, collaboration, debate, constructive criticism and education. These tenets should not be undermined or underestimated.

We want to build a better world on the principle of kindness and we aspire to do this through constructive journalism.

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