Paatal lok : Gripping tale of Crime, Politics and everything in between

Paatal lok : Gripping tale of Crime, Politics and everything in between

Review by - Nami Luthra date - 18th July 20 #PaatalLok #Powerpacked #Primewatch #Actionthriller

This series is rightfully doing the rounds about being an impactful and well delivered action thriller, inspired by real life plot. The name in isolation may not sound enticing enough to put this one on the watch list but don't get fooled by what it's called since as the series progresses, the name starts to make sense more and more. Even though the lead - Inspector Hathe Ram played by Jaideep Ahlawat (Raazi fame) introduces the significance of a rare title such as this. An eye for detail will surely help nail this series well. The level of perfection with which execution begins to play out is pretty phenomenal with one seemingly open end ties up and blends perfectly with another. Keep a close watch through the series to relish the finale. Performances by each actor are well done, be it Vipin Sharma (Gwala Gujjar), Neeraj Kabi (Sanjeev Mehra) or Swastika Mukherjee (Dolly) and Gul Panag (Renu) but the ones who stand out are Ishwak singh (Imran Ansari), Abhishek Banerjee (Vishal Or Hathoda Tyagi). Jaideep Ahlawat of course needs more than a special appreciation for the fantastic show of talent and well deserved recognition. He is beyond good and will pull you so much into the plot that you'd start feeling the scenes. Everyone else including the intern Sara is well played. Moving onto some gruesome realities that are basis of this series and seem to be shackling our nation since we are grappling with such hypocrisy in politics in addition to casteism, child rape and abuse amongst a few. These evils aren't extinct and will keep inspiring many a series sometimes we wish everyone's watching them and can do something to bring about a transformation in our system. The ones who try to challenge the status quo are bound to face struggle and get beaten up in every sense of the word. Some watch outs - the flowery beepy language could be the USP but can get a bit hard to handle. Strictly adult so make sure the under age ones aren't watching. Must watch - trivia : despite it being the heavy thriller one could finish in two days, not promoting excessive binge watching.h

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