What's Common Between Leading A Troop To Battle And Running A Startup?

Captain Raghu Raman has played diverse roles over the last 25 years. From combat at the Siachen glacier to leading a tech start up and then running corporates like Mahindra and Reliance, his experiences are like none other. He has spent 11 years as an officer in the Indian armed forces, followed by another 11 years in the corporate sector before joining the government as CEO of the National Intelligence Grid.

In this talk, Captain Raghu speaks about the lessons he learnt from his time in the army and how they have helped him at every step in his career and any problem he has faced in his life. He elaborates how the army played a very influential role in shaping him to be the man he is today and leading his troops as well as his corporate crew. Through this light hearted video – Captain Raghu shares the top 5 lessons he learnt from his time in the army and the relevance of them today, in our daily lives.

Josh Talks

Josh Talks

Josh Talks was started in the year 2014 by two undergraduate students - Shobhit Banga & Supriya Paul with a simple mission to raise the aspirations of young India. Using the power of storytelling, Josh Talks serves as a platform which showcases people from diverse backgrounds covering entrepreneurship, sports, stand up comedy, social activism, performing arts & more.

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