Forbidden To Talk About Periods As A Girl, She's Now Helping 85,000 Students Speak Up


Aditi Gupta had no idea what periods were until the first time she got them. She was asked not to talk about them to anyone, stay away from the kitchen and prayer during those 5 days, and had to use nothing but rags to keep herself clean during that time.

When she finally realized how unhealthy and unjust her treatment was, she decided to turn the table around. Watch how she finally took on the battle against the taboo of periods and menstruation in India, and how she's now educating a generation of kids about this in a friendly, offence-free manner.

Aditi Gupta is the founder of Menstrupedia, comic books that aim to educate kids and adults alike about menstruation and periods in a friendly manner – till date they've been shipped to 18 countries to thousands of kids. You can read more about her project here.

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