Meet India's First Matchmaker For The Differently Abled


In the words of the famous novelist George Sand, "there is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved." Love comes in all sizes, shapes and shades. But the most special relationship is between a person and their partner. Thus 24-year-old Kalyani Khona's disappointment knew no bounds when she discovered that people with special needs were conveniently sidelined on match-making apps. This led to the birth of
, a matrimony app for the disabled.

By the age of 21, Kalyani had chosen 20 different career paths and invested several weeks working in each of her chosen paths to determine what she wanted to do in her life. Finally at the end, she decided that she is going to be an entrepreneur in the matchmaking field. Her entrepreneurial journey was beset with struggles and hardships. Watch the video to find out what led Kalyani to create the world's first match-making app focusing on people with disabilities and other health conditions like obesity and thalassemia.

In the video, the feisty woman highlights the regressive public opinion about the disabled. "The general opinion is that it is more than enough to educate and get the person with a disability any job for survival. I saw these people as potent consumer base for my start-up and entered into my business with a cause. As the app focuses on inclusivity, it is built in such a way so that people across diverse abilities can use it without being dependent on their family. It's accessible for the persons with visual impairments through screen readers and talk-back programmes. People with colour-blindness and retina disorders can change the font size and colors on the screen according to their personal needs."

The name Inclov is the derivative of 'Inclusive Love' that defines the motto of the application. The founder didn't want to segregate the disabled from the other sections of the society. Hence, the app is open to everyone regardless of their physical condition. Kalyani strongly believes that 'no one deserves to be alone unless they wish so.' We couldn't agree more with her.

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