Meet The Architect Who Sings About Sustainable Development


21-year-old extraordinaire Achyuth Jaigopal isn't just a savvy guitarist. He's a visionary who has made it his mission to reform the world through his art. Having performed at over 250 events across 9 countries and an album to his credit, he fuses music and activism to highlight issues that matter. He's currently heading his own band '
When Chai Met Toast' whose fanbase is growing bigger over time.

During a vacation in 2012 with his parents to Bali, Achyuth visited the famous Green School. To say that he was amazed would be an understatement. He couldn't wait another second, he had to be a part of the school. He credits his two years as a student at this distinguished institution for helping him discover his musical talent and bringing him face to face with the burning world issues. Watch the video below to find out what the vision of the world-famous Green School is that Achyuth made his own.

In the video, Achyuth traces the journey of his unparalleled musical prowess. "I had completed my 8th grade in Western classical guitar from Trinity College of Music at the National Academy of Music, Kochi, under the guidance of K.C. Peter and for sometime I trained with the eminent guitarist John Anthony. The Green School at Bali helped me imbibe eclectic rhythms and soulful melodies from different parts of the world. Those two years here gave me the confidence to develop my fingerstyle technique for my solo performances."

Achyuth says that once he embarked on his melodious journey, there was no stopping him. He has played at many cafes worldwide, did gigs at the Sydney Opera House and spread his music to promote social causes. He orchestrated and performed a concert for the Paradigm Shift Project that works towards a greener Bali. In India, he played at the One Billion Rising campaign aimed towards ending abuse against women. His outlook on music is incredibly innovative: "Music is a tool that can help communicate sensitivity, bind people together and make people dream of a greener and better future."

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