This 17-Year-Old Entrepreneur Has Solved One Of India's Greatest Environmental Crisis!


Contrary to our older generation's beliefs-Indian teens aren't waiting around for someone else to fix things for them, instead, they're taking matters in their own hands. The latest example is the 17-year-old Anubhav Wadhwa, who has started Tyrelessly with a mission to recycle used tyres and subsequently, combat the issue of safe disposal of tyres in the nation.

Through its website, anyone can request a pickup for tyres at the end of their lives. Tyrelessly currently runs its services free of cost only in the Delhi/NCR region. But the company plans to expand to all major cities very soon. Apart from being an extraordinary student of Pathways World School, Gurgaon-based Anubhav is an entrepreneur, designer, computer programmer, data analyst, social activist and more. Watch the video below to learn what prompted 'India's youngest CEO' to emerge with the idea for this startup and how did it end up making to the United Nation's Top 50 list.

In the video, the entrepreneur paints a picture of the stark reality. "In India, about 100 million tyres require recycling annually. That's about 275,000 tyres every day." The seed for Tyrelessly germinated in the tech geek's mind when he saw someone burning tyres on his way home from school. After a quick Google check, he realised that the act releases a large volume of poisonous gases, which poses a great environmental hazard. His social venture Tyrelessly, the country's first 'Tyres-to-Trees' company, tied up with a recycling plant to convert scrap tyres into usable by-products like steel and fuel oils.

India's record for recycling end-of-life tyres is poor. The nation disposes more than 95% of its end-of-life tyres in ways which are not sustainable solutions and imposes environmental problems on both current and future generations. Whiz kid Anubhav's dream to build a waste-free future is an impossible feat without community participation. Which brings us to the burning question- are you ready to make smarter choices for a sustainable future?

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