This Fierce Fashion Designer Turned Asst. Police Commissioner Is On A Unique Mission


Never quite sure what she wanted to do with her life, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Manjita Vanzara spent her twenties dabbling in engineering and fashion designing. This was until she found her true calling in civil services. Her big breakthrough came when she decided to spearhead 'Suraksha Sahay'– an initiative to improve the standard of women's lives in the bootlegging business.

ACP Manjita's story in the starting sounds like the story of just about any common person. But it's the choices that she took in her life that made the difference and led her to groundbreaking success. Watch the video below as the changemaker reveals what prompted her to sit for the toughest exams in India and the driving force behind her social venture.

In the video, Manjita defends her decision to become a police officer. "If you thought that kicking down doors and nabbing robbers was the only job of cops in India, then you are wrong. We are here to listen to your problems and help in the best way possible."

The spirited woman beams as she narrates one of her success stories based out of Chharanagar, Ahmedabad.
"90% of women in that area are widows and all of them were involved in the bootlegging business. Suraksha Sahay decided to change their mindset and encourage them to do reputed work. We paid them the stipend and collaborated with some reputed brands of the city."
Today that remote region, which was once notorious for its illicit activities, shows no sign of its murky past.

Manjita's message to all Indian parents is clear: to allow their daughters to join the police force. She also urges the youth to serve the country and set a positive example for the coming generations.

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