Bold Confessions Of A Bollywood Fresher: Gangs Of Wasseypur Debutante Zeishan Quadri


According to celebrated filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, he’s the next big thing to watch out for. Zeishan Quadri, who has won both awards and acclaim for his debut movie Gangs of Wasseypur, is one of the most sought after scriptwriters in Bollywood presently. His groundbreaking journey has been nothing short of an uphill battle.

Tough times make tough people

Having grown up in the streets of Wasseypur surrounded by crooks and muggers, Quadri witnessed crime firsthand. His mother demanded he focused on school, but he had measly interest in attending formalised education. The subsequent years had failed business plans and call centre jobs in store for him.

It was no secret that Quadri harboured dreams of working with Salman Khan. To the dismay of his parents, he decided to pursue his Bollywood dream and left for Mumbai. It was either that or that one bedroom apartment in Zakir Nagar and a low-paid call centre job. From haggling over fare money to becoming one of the most in-demand writers in the Hindi film industry, the man’s rags-to-riches story is well documented.

His driving force

The most refreshing thing about Quadri is his child-like curiosity. He dared to take risks and reach out for a job that not only provided him with a cash inflow but contentment too. When his inexperience pulled him down, his humour and sense of optimism kept him going. He let his work speak for himself. Years later, he’s a writer, director, producer and an actor with an upcoming release of “
Gangs of Wasseypur 3,” the franchise he made his debut with. “Nobody knew who I was before the film. I was just another regular human being before I worked in Gangs of Wasseypur and after that, it has been really wonderful. People come up to me and ask for selfies and photos. I owe my life to this film,” he was quoted in
Josh Talks.

Conquer your fears

In spite of having no formal cinematic education, Quadri has an incredible drive in him. His message is strong and clear. “Kids are encouraged to ask questions, to grow mentally and expand our horizons. But somehow somewhere between being kids and adults, we lose that inquisitiveness. If not lose, we suppress it, afraid we’ll be made fun of or shamed for asking ‘stupid’ questions.” Never being the one to conform to rules, Quadri set out to pave his own way. Hopefully his journey inspires everyone reading this article to wisely select a career of their own choosing.

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