$20 Billion loan to India to pull out from Doklam, reports Chinese media

$20 Billion loan to India to pull out from Doklam, reports Chinese media

The two month long military battle in Doklam settled between India and China on August 28 as forces of both the countries pulled out from the border area. Though the issue was resolved diplomatically, reports of China promising a loan of $20 billion to India to retreat from area have been going around in the Chinese media.

China's defense ministry on Thursday refuted reports in the Chinese media and said that such reports are purely fabricated. (timesofindia.indiatimes.com)

According to an observer, the Chinese official agencies and media seem to be keeping up the speculation on the issue alive by repeated denials because it serves the purpose of showing that China is financially much stronger than India, which makes it a difficult competitor in a military contest. (timesofindia.indiatimes.com)

End of the border dispute

The standoff between India and China in Doklam finally ended on August 28 as troops of both the countries pulled out from the region. The tension on the tri-junction area in Bhutan had increased when China advanced into the area on June 16 earlier this year.

The confrontation began when Indian troops moved in to stop China from constructing a road in the Doklam region. The region, popularly referred to as the 'Chicken's Neck' is a narrow corridor and is important to India as it links the mainland with its remote northeastern states. (myrepublica.com)

It is important to note that both the countries had kept their diplomatic channels open ever since the border incursion despite the conflict.

The move came ahead of the BRICC summit, which will be attended by leaders from five countries, including PM Narendra Modi, in the Chinese city of Xiamen in early September. It also comes before a crucial 19th party congress in China where Xi Jinping expects to be "cleared" for another five years, after which he will choose the core group of leaders who will rule China, also for the next five years. (timesofindia.indiatimes.com)

Although the confrontation has ended, China has said it will keep patrolling in the area. Beijing has been ambiguous whether it will resume constructing the road in Doklam that is controlled by China but claimed by Bhutan. (news.webindia123.com)


Speculations regarding the BRICS Summit

China on Thursday gave ample indications of a one-to-one meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the BRICS Summit next week on September 3rd, saying "China will make proper arrangements."

China also made it clear that it "would not be appropriate" to discuss Pakistan's counter-terrorism record during the BRICS Summit in Xiamen.

"Pakistan is at the forefront of counter-terror efforts and has made sacrifices for this. The international community should recognise the contributions and sacrifices made by Pakistan," the Chinese spokesperson said. He further stated that the relevant parties will hold discussions on stronger partnership for a brighter future and try to take BRICS route for our pragmatic cooperation in economy and people to people exchanges.

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