Different note sizes raise another controversy around demonetisation

Different note sizes raise another controversy around demonetisation

Last year, the present BJP government took a decision that shook the whole country. Within a few seconds, then in circulation 500 and 1000 rupee notes of the country were demonetised. The notes held no value. The decision was touted as an important step to crackdown on black economy. Later, it was called a step that would move the economy towards the path of a cashless economy.

The move has been widely debated for months at several fora and the jury is still out on whether the move had a positive impact on the Indian economy or not. Yesterday, the Congress leader, Kapil Sibal ensued another debate around demonetisation.

Yesterday, the Congress did not allow the Rajya Sabha to function over what it called the “biggest scam of this century” in the printing of two different kinds of Rs500 and Rs2,000 notes. (tribuneindia.com)

Indicating "criminal negligence and criminal culpability" on the part of the government, senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal said Modi's objectives behind demonetisation were yet to be achieved. (netindia123.com)

He mentioned that the standard size of the new currency notes as indicated on the official website of the Reserve Bank of India was 66 mm X 150 mm for Rs 500 and 66 mm X 156 mm for Rs 2,000 notes. "Where were notes of significantly different sizes printed? Nowhere in the world are currency notes of whatever denomination of different sizes," Sibal maintained. (netindia123.com)


“We have today discovered the reason why the government did demonetisation (of old Rs500 and Rs1,000 notes in November last year),” he said. Leader of the Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad termed it “the biggest scam of this century”. (tribuneindia.com)

But such a defect is not new to new notes; in the past there have been some cases where some notes were found to be different from the set even though the security of these notes were not compromised,” said a senior banker with a state-owned bank on condition of anonymity. (livemint.com)

Tweet by India Today: RT @DailyO_: Two types of #Rs500 notes: Is #KapilSibal right in calling this ‘biggest scam of the century’? | https://t.co/hZ0WMGbFNY #Demo… - on Tue Aug 08 12:52:16

The ruling BJP in turn accused the Congress of “spreading rumours” and “making irresponsible statements”, thereby creating doubts over the credibility of the currency. Later, some BJP leaders also linked the Rajya Sabha ruckus to Congress’ “frustration over the developments in Gujarat” (tribuneindia.com)

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