After killing family of 5, Telangana man commits suicide

After killing family of 5, Telangana man commits suicide

In Kusmanchi mandal of Khammam district in Telangana, a man killed his family including two children and then committed suicide by jumping into Paleru Reservoir.

The 32 year old man who has been identified as S Saleem belonged to Jeellacheruvu village.

The case was initially being treated as a case of mass suicide by the family but investigations revealed that he pushed his parents, wife and two children into the canal adjacent to Paleru reservoir at Jeella Cheruvu village and later jumped in to the water ending his life.

The sequence of events

According to Saleem's relatives, he woke up his family members around midnight and told them that somebody has done black magic to the family and hence they have to immediately go to the reservoir to perform some rituals to ward off its effects. (

As the family reached the reservoir, Saleem told his nephew Sheikh Lal that he forgot some important items to do the rituals at home and sent him to fetch the same. (

Sheikh Lal did not find any item at home and when he returned to the reservoir, the entire family was missing. He then saw their bodies in the reservoir and alerted the villagers. (

The Police Commissioner said that a suicide note, allegedly written by Saleem , referring to some family dispute has been found in his house and has been sent to a forensic science laboratory for verification.

The suicide note is addressed to his younger brother Lal Saheb, an auto-rickshaw driver, saying that Saleem was taking the extreme step unable to bear the torment at the hands of their father, Pentu Saheb.

According to Sheikh Lal, Saleem couldn't tolerate the family disputes anymore which mainly included the harassment of his family by his alcoholic father.

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