Work or go home, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi

Work or go home, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi

Spend the eight hours at work, deliver to the population or go home and cool your heels on free retirement salary. If Chief minister of India's largest state Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanth has his way he is all ready to go with a hatchet after the non-working bureaucrats in the state.

Incompetence no longer acceptable

The chief minister has become quite serious about the performance of his government and aged incompetent officers are on the radar.

In this regard, the government has taken a tough decision in which the officers 'who have completed 50 years of age', if found incompetent in their work, will be given compulsory retirement. The chief secretary Rajiv Kumar has directed the heads of various departments to 'screen such officers' and prepare a list of such officers by July 31. The cut of date for determining 50 years has been kept on March 31, 2017.


Meanwhile, the chief minister has strongly pulled up those officials who have been found adopting a careless attitude while dealing with complaints of general public. The chief minister said, "District and village level complaints should be decided there itself and should not come to Lucknow."

During three-hour video conference, the CM directly spoke to the complainants to take a first hand stock of the situation.

Talking to reporters on the state party headquarters, State Spokesperson Chandramohan said that the officers and employees who not as efficient now due to the age impact should give way for the young and competent employees for the benefit of the state. "Today 'vibrant' bureaucracy is the need of the hour for the state. Since becoming a BJP government in the state, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has created an atmosphere of confidence in the public by deploying competent and honest bureaucrats in important positions. This belief has created an atmosphere of development in the state and has stepped up the UP to make the country's topmost state," he said. (

The official said a circular has been sent to all the heads of departments, asking them to "screen" the performance of government employees aged above 50, and submit a report.
Officials said there was no legal hurdle in the forced retirement of such employees.

So what will happen to non-performers

Such officers can be told to hang their boots and go home by serving them a notice of three months and not citing any reasons for the move, UP's new Chief Secretary Rajiv Kumar has said in an order to all departments on Thursday. (

Why has he made this decision

It has been over three-months that the new CM took over his state. He has been flooded with complaints of a corrupt and a non-performing bureaucracy.

A few months ago to empower the police his government has carried out training programmes as well.

"We are holding a two-day training of police and Authority officials and they have been asked to expedite the grievance redress mechanism," GB Nagar district magistrate B N Singh told TOI.
"Marking of complaints is an issue as they are being forwarded to people who are not in the departments concern

Yogi's dig at congress

As he makes all changes in his administration he is continuing to go after the political party that has been the main competition for the BJP in the last two-decades.

"The Congress is the mother of corruption. It has divided the country on the basis of caste and religion, and hampered development," he said in Una.

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