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German, British defence ministers agree to up military cooperation

German, British defence ministers agree to up military cooperation

NATO allies Germany and Britain signed a deal on Friday that expands their bilateral military cooperation to increase security in Europe.

German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen and her British counterpart Gavin Williamson visited the military base at Augustdorf near the north-western German city of Minden where the pair later signed the "Joint Vision Statement."

The deal envisages greater cooperation in joint defence against terrorist threats, in training missions outside Europe and in the arms sector, where duplication should be avoided.

The NATO defence ministers visited Armoured Engineering Battalion 130 and Tank Brigade 21 in Augustdorf as British and German troops have been cooperating closely there for years.

Soldiers from both countries plan to create a link across the river Weser by building a floating bridge of the type Amphibian M3.

The ability to create a crossing over a body of water like this is unique in both NATO and Europe, the German army said, adding it also showed Europe's combat-readiness for the defence alliance.


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