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Is this video of Rahul Gandhi making outlandish promises fake?

Soumadip Dey

Claim: An old video of Indian National Congress President Rahul Gandhi is once again making the rounds on social media, shared by senior members of the BJP. In it, Rahul Gandhi appears to be making absurd promises to farmers.

What happened: Recently an old video of Indian National Congress President Rahul Gandhi was circulated on social media. The exact same video had been shared multiple times by senior people in the BJP.

In the short video, Gandhi is heard saying: "I will make such a machine, that from one end you can put a potato, and from the other end you will get gold. You will get so much money you will have no idea what to do with it."

He also says: "I will give you farm land on moon and you can grow potatoes there also."

Facts: This video has not been morphed but doctored, it is simply a carefully edited version of Rahul Gandhi's speech. In the actual video, which contains the full speech, Rahul Gandhi is in fact mocking Prime Minister Modi for the promises he made to potato farmers.

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